Online Stall Bookings


As at 1 May 2018


These conditions apply to all stall holders:

  1. A reference to Perth Markets Limited ("PML") includes its officers, employees, agents and contractors and also refers to the officers, employees, agents and contractors of Market City Operator Co. Pty Ltd.
  2. By making a booking, you agree to be bound by and abide with these conditions.
  3. All bookings are subject to both these Conditions and the instructions, rules or decisions made by PML.
  4. If you breach any of these Conditions of Entry you may be denied entry to the Sunday Market or ordered to leave the Sunday Market immediately.
  5. At the time of booking you will be required to provide your name, address, phone number and email contact. Proof of identity must be produced on request.
  6. You must produce your booking ticket on request within the Sunday Market.
  7. All bookings are final. Without limiting your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, PML does not issue refunds, permit bay or date changes or cancellations for any reason.
  8. You must follow any instructions given to you by a PML Market Officer or by any other person who identifies themselves as representing PML.
  9. PML reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, or demand a person to immediately leave the Markets.
  10. You must not enter the Sunday Market before 3.30am or after 6.45am. If you fail to occupy your bay by 6.45am it may be re-allocated.
  11. Forklift movement is prohibited between 5:00am and 1:30pm. All vehicle movement is prohibited between 6:45am and 1:00pm.
  12. You must leave the Sunday Market by 3:00pm.
  13. You must only use your allocated bay and all your property must be within the bay lines marked on the ground.
  14. You must not display, offer to sell or sell anything which is illegal including counterfeit merchandise. Illegal items include, but are in no way limited to, any item which use trademarks or copyrighted logos, brand names, devices, colours, slogans, patterns, trade dress or packaging without authorisation from the trademark or copyright holder. This clause includes any items which are designed to imitate or appear very similar to a copyrighted or trademarked good. PML will report the sale of any illegal item to the relevant authorities.
  15. Without limiting clause 11, you must not display, offer to sell or sell any of the items listed below:
Prohibited Items
1 Animals
2 Weapons (including imitation or ornamental weapons) including pepper sprays or similar
3 Alcohol, tobacco and smoking implements
4 Drug paraphernalia, or materials supporting or promoting the use of illegal drugs
5 E-cigarettes or vapourisers including any e-liquids (regardless of nicotine content)
6 Pornographic, offensive or political material
9 Flammable, explosive, toxic or otherwise dangerous goods
10 Pirate or counterfeit media including but not limited to, CDs, DVDs or BluRays.
11 Any other good or service deemed by PML to be prohibited
  1. Subject to clause 10 & 11, you may offer to sell pet fish, caged birds, and pet accessories.
  2. The use of generators of any description (including "silent" generators) is prohibited throughout the market.
  3. You must allow a Market Officer or any other person who identifies themselves as representing PML to inspect any items you bring into the Sunday Market.
  4. You must leave the bay and surrounding areas clean and tidy at the conclusion of the Sunday Market. Anything you leave behind will be deemed abandoned and will be disposed of by PML at your cost.
  5. You must comply with all of PML's Orders and Site Rules when you are in the Sunday Market. The Site Rules include parking restrictions that apply across the whole PML site.
  6. The Sunday Market may be closed without notice in an emergency. You must leave your vehicle, the stall and all items for sale behind. You will not be permitted to return to collect them until it is safe to do so.
  7. To the fullest extent permitted at law you release PML for any indirect or consequential losses, including but not limited to loss of opportunity or profit, which you may suffer or incur as a result of the PML's action or inaction including its negligence.
  8. Without limiting clause 21, PML is not liable to you for anything outside the reasonable control of PML or the acts or omissions of 3rd parties.
  9. PML strongly recommends that you have appropriate public liability insurance prior to making your booking.
  10. You must inform PML that you intend to sell food or drinks when making your booking. You are not permitted to sell food or drinks of any description without the prior approval of PML and the relevant licences, permits or approvals.
  11. You are responsible for ensuring you hold the appropriate licences, permits and approvals for the sale of food and beverages. These must be produced on request.
  12. All of your equipment must be safe, in good working condition and compliant with the relevant regulations.
  13. You must bring adequate bins and bin liners to manage and remove your waste.


AS AT 01 May 2018


1. Prices (including GST):

Undercover bays

Per week - $40.00

Powered bays

Per week - $55.00

Per week - $33.50

Open air bays

Per week - $27.00

2. Booking times:

Bookings are expected to be available at the following times:

Monday to Friday:

Via the Perth Markets Ltd. on 08 9456 9200.
This depends on staff resources and may not always be available.
Stall holders may be asked to leave message for market staff.


In person only, when the ticket office is staffed from 5:00am to 1:00pm

3. Booking on the day:

Subject to bay availability, bookings on the day are possible from 5:00am at the Ticket Office.
Stallholders wishing to book on the day will need to park outside the market & walk in to buy a bay at the Ticket Office. Vehicle entry to the market area without a booked bay is not permitted.

4. Bookings in advance:

Options for advances bookings are as follow:

MUST be consecutive & start on the next available Sunday: Rate
Four (4) weeks standard rate per week

To hold any bay in advance, the entire booking must be paid for.

5. Ongoing bookings:

Provided there has been no breach of the conditions of entry, stall holders will be able to re-book their bays on the last day of the stall holders booking period.

To re-book the same bay at the end of a booking period, the stall holder must re-book by 1:00pm on the last Sunday of their current booking.

If the re-booking does not occur prior to 1:00pm, then the bay is available for PML to book to others as demand dictates.

6. Perth Markets Ltd. re-sale of un-occupied bays:

The PML reserves the right to re-sell any booked bay that is not occupied by 6:45am on a Sunday morning.

7. Leave of absence:

To apply for a leave of absence, you must inform us at least two weeks before the first Sunday of the time you wish to take off. You may do this by either sending us an email, or handing in your request at the Sunday Market ticketing office. Once the application is submitted, PML will assess the application and inform you of the outcome.

Terms and Conditions of Leave of absence:

8. Refunds & changes:


9. Disputes over right to use:

Any disputes over a particular right to use a particular bay:

The Perth Markets Ltd. reserves the right to review and change these rules from time to time.